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049-30% Essence Perfume

049-30% Essence Perfume

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Top Notes:

    • A captivating opening with a vibrant blend of citrus notes like bergamot and mandarin orange, evoking a refreshing and energetic first impression.
    • A touch of green apple or pear might add a juicy and slightly sweet nuance.

Heart Notes:

    • A warm and aromatic heart unfolds with notes like cardamom, ginger, and a hint of lavender, adding depth and character.
    • Floral nuances like rose or geranium might also be present, offering a subtle hint of sweetness and sophistication.

Base Notes:

    • The fragrance dries down to a warm and woody base with prominent notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and a hint of tonka bean, leaving a long-lasting and captivating impression.

Overall Impression:

    • A fresh, citrusy, and spicy fragrance with a touch of warmth and sweetness.
    • Perfect for the confident and modern individual who enjoys a versatile scent for both day and evening wear.
  • Offers a balance between freshness and warmth, leaving a lasting impression
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