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057-30% Essence Perfume

057-30% Essence Perfume

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Top Notes:

    • A delicate opening with shimmering citrus notes like grapefruit and mandarin, reminiscent of dewdrops on fresh petals.
    • A touch of green notes like violet leaves or galbanum might add a subtle hint of fresh air and earthiness.

Heart Notes:

    • The heart emerges with the signature scent of the fragrance: a powdery iris accord, evoking the elegance and refinement of the amethyst gemstone.
    • Bulgarian rose adds a touch of romantic sweetness and a velvety texture.
    • Additional floral notes like orange blossom or freesia might be present, offering a light and airy ambiance.

Base Notes:

    • The fragrance dries down to a warm and comforting base with prominent notes of vanilla and woody notes like cedarwood or sandalwood.
    • A touch of patchouli or musk might add a hint of depth and sensuality.

Overall Impression:

    • A light, feminine, and elegant fragrance with a powdery heart and subtle warmth.
    • Perfect for the woman who enjoys fresh and sophisticated scents with a touch of floral sweetness.
  • Suitable for daytime wear or warmer climates, offering a delicate and alluring aura.
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