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108-30% Essence Perfume

108-30% Essence Perfume

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Top Notes:

    • A refreshing blast of green citrus opens the fragrance, offering a vibrant and invigorating first impression.Imagine zesty bergamot and juicy lemon mingling with the crispness of freshly cut grass.
    • A hint of aromatic lavender or rosemary adds a touch of herbal depth and grounding, reminiscent of a sunny Mediterranean field.
    • A whisper of violet leaf introduces a subtle floral nuance, balancing the citrusy brightness with a hint of powdery elegance.

Heart Notes:

    • The heart unfurls with a blend of fresh and floral notes, creating a sense of natural greenness. Geranium offers a touch of classic masculinity, while iris adds a touch of powdery elegance and sophistication.
    • Hints of violet or rose might introduce a hint of soft floral sweetness, weaving seamlessly into the aromatic heart.

Base Notes:

    • The fragrance dries down to a warm and woody base with prominent notes of sandalwood and cedarwood,offering a grounding and earthy foundation.
    • Hints of patchouli or vetiver could add a touch of depth and complexity, evoking the damp earth and moss of a lush forest.
    • A whisper of ambergris adds a subtle touch of animalic warmth, lending an intriguing twist to the overall scent.

Overall Impression:

    • A fresh, aromatic, and woody fragrance with a warm and earthy base.
    • Perfect for the confident and independent individual who enjoys a scent that is both invigorating and sophisticated.
    • Offers a balance of freshness, earthiness, and subtle floral nuances, leaving a long-lasting and memorable impression.
  • Suitable for both day and evening wear, transitioning seamlessly from casual to dressed-up occasions.
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